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5 Steps to Increasing Online Orders That Won't Cost You a Dime

Maybe you just launched online ordering or maybe you've had for years. Either way, I'll take the Vegas odds on you wished you were getting more online orders.
5 Steps to Increasing Online Orders That Won't Cost You a Dime

Maybe you just launched online ordering or maybe you've had for years. Either way, I'll take the Vegas odds on you wished you were getting more online orders.

At Handcraft Burgers & Brew, we think about it all the time. It's one of the reasons why we have mobile optimized online ordering so we know it's easy to use. It's also one of the reasons why our Rewards program is only available for online orders, to encourage more of them

It makes sense why you would want more online orders. It comes with a lot of advantages:

  • Increase order accuracy. Once a human gets involved, whether it's over the phone or in person, the chance for error jumps. If the guest placed an order, they wanted it the way they ordered it.
  • Labor reallocation. If our team doesn't have to take orders over the phone, at the table or at a cash register, they can instead be in charge of other high value activities, like a table touch or some other form of greeting guests.
  • Increase Average Order Value (AOV). It's been shown that guests who order online spend more and have a higher ticket value. That's because it's easy to browse, get hungry and add things to the basket. Don't you want a higher AOV? Heck yeah!
  • Increased order frequency. That's right ... Guests who place online orders, order more frequently. In fact, guests who use multiple fulfillment methods (online, in store, catering, third party, etc) have a higher LTV. Why is that, the marketer in me says its because you are collecting their email address and have added them to your weekly email newsletter. RIGHT??!? That leads us to my last point ..
  • Capturing guest data. The Golden Goose! My favorite reason to have online ordering ... if we can get our guest's email address that means we can market to them and increase retention. And if we can capture their data that means we can measure it and make better marketing decisions.

I love guest data. (tell me you're a nerd without telling me you're a nerd...)

OK, so let's agree. There are a lot of great reasons why we would want to increase direct online orders.

Right. Now, how do we get more of them? Here's a quick, 5 step guide to increasing online orders ... that won't cost you a dime!

  1. Add an "Order Now" Button to your site: It sounds obvious, but I've seen restaurants forget to do this. Best practice, put a big yellow, red or some other brightly lit colored button DEAD center in the middle of the page so it can't be missed. Also, put another in the top navigation bar. You want to make sure its on every page. Also, while we are at it ... please remove all 3rd party ordering buttons and links from your website. Lets only give your guests the option to order from you.
  2. Update Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Bing, etc: People use apps, maps and search engines like these to decide where to get their next meal. Most of them have a place where you can put a link to your online order. Don't put your main web page in the form where the ordering URL goes, put the exact link directly to order. **Pro-tip** If you have multiple locations, put the exact link for the location in these profiles. You want to reduce the amount of clicks as much as possible.
  3. Link in bio. I see brands, big ones, all the time put the main URL for their website in their social media bios. Now the guest has to leave the post, tap to your profile, tap the link and then navigate your site to take the action you recommended. ==>  Instead, use a service like Link Tree, LinkinBio or Milkshake (preferred - I like that you can have an image as the background) that takes people to a mini website that has all those options. You'll make the path to take that action much easier on your guests and ultimately get more conversions! Check out the link in my bio as an example:
  4. Add a button to ALL of your emails. At the bottom of everyone of your email newsletters and maybe even at the top too, add a link to online ordering. Andrew from Boozy Burbs and I see it all the time. People will save your emails in their inbox and when they want to place an order, they will search for the email and click the link (rather than do a Google search). Plus, in the case that you just happen to nail sending that email at the right time, you have just made it easier to place an order, right now.
  5. Run a 7 Day Promo: Want to absolutely super charge the launch of your online ordering...without spending any money on advertising? Bust this move ... run a 7 day contest. Anyone who places an online order the first 7 days you are live is entered to win a $100 gift card. You get one entry for every time you order, order as many times as you like!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any other ideas to share?

Need help getting more orders?

Drop me a line:

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- Rev Ciancio

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