What is the Hospitality Headline?

The Hospitality Headline, created by Branded Hospitality, is intended to share what's new, not just within Branded but the larger foodservice community.

Stay up-to-date

  • Market Commentary: Stay tuned for insights on hot topics and latest trends in the market via the Weekly commentary.
  • Investments: Stay up to date with our current portfolio as well as opportunities to invest with or alongside Branded.
  • In The News: The most notable weekly highlights in the restaurant, technology, investments and foodservice space.
  • Hospitality Hangout: A podcast that explores exciting trends, happenings and breakthroughs in hospitality technology. The Restaurant Guy and The Finance Guy chat with leaders, marketers and experts that are leading a new era of innovation.
  • The Branded Marketplace: Stay up to date with the latest innovations that are joining this fast growing digital ratings and reviews platform providing best in class technology, innovation, professional services and suppliers within the entire spectrum of the Food & Beverage ecosystem.
  • Thought Leadership: Gain insights from experienced operators, entrepreneurs, investors and marketing professionals that share unique insights and foresights that uncovers transformational trends.
  • On The Road: Stay up to speed with major upcoming events and gain valuable highlights from past conferences

Why Subscribe?

Let’s be friends. We don’t want to spam you and we’re not big fans of junk….so the easiest way for us to become official is to make sure you’re a subscriber.

Join the crew

The Hospitality Headline community is comprised of individuals that wish to be allies to operators, help improve margins for the industry we love and most importantly, be part of an investment platform that is singularly and uniquely focused on the food service and hospitality emerging technology and innovation scene.

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