Sep 2, 2023 2 min read

If you aren't doing this with your new store openings, you're doing it wrong

A grand opening only happens once in a lifetime for restaurants and this is how you do it right.
If you aren't doing this with your new store openings, you're doing it wrong
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Oomi Kitchen in Dallas does this EVERY day of the year!

A grand opening only happens once in the lifetime of a new restaurant. That's why we go big ... COME WITH A BOOM!

Plus at that point, you've probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions on build-out. We gotta make some cash!

There is a massive list of things you could and SHOULD be doing to promote your new store openings. If you need a playbook, check out the interview I did with Luis Velasco at Jollibee. Their playbook is the ULTIMATE new store opening playbook (NSOP).

But let's talk about one easy-to-do move, that needs to be part of your NSOP ... build your guest database BEFORE you are open with QR CODES.

Here's the move:

STEP 1: Create a landing page where you can collect someone's name, email and or phone number.

STEP 2: Create an automated email that triggers once someone enters the form. In that email have a quick welcome/about message, a call to action, a link to your website and a link to your social.

STEP 3: Use a link shortener like to shrink the link to that landing and so you can track activity.

STEP 4: Create a QR code with the shortened link.

STEP 5: The MINUTE you take over the space, print out the absolute biggest QR permissible and put it in your windows or on your walls with a call to action.

PRO-TIP Take it up a notch by having an offer like buy one get one free, $10 off your first order, a free item...etc. MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO HIT THAT QR CODE!

STEP 6: As you get closer to opening, make sure the people that signed up are getting emails about grand (or soft) openings.

Check out this great example from a new coffee shop opening soon in NYC called Cinico.

QR Code on Windows

Screen shot of landing page

Screen shot of confirmation email.

I just gave you the playbook but in case you need help with any of this, that’s what I do. Hit me up if you have questions or need some support.

Send me an email:


*I help restaurants to build guest marketing programs.
*I help hospitality tech companies with lead generation and content marketing.

Need help? reach out:

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