Oct 7, 2023 2 min read

A Strategic Shift: SpotOn Sells Sports and Entertainment Division to Shift4

A $100M deal turned into into a strategic shift in focus for both companies.
A Strategic Shift: SpotOn Sells Sports and Entertainment Division to Shift4

If you are a listener of The Hospitality Hangout Podcast, you know that we love a good "Breaking News" moment. SpotOn, a leading player in the restaurant technology landscape, has made headlines by selling its sports and entertainment division to Shift4 for $100M. This strategic move has left many in the industry wondering what's next for the firm and why the big move.

SpotOn, known for its comprehensive suite of restaurant management tools and point-of-sale (POS) solutions, has decided to divest its sports and entertainment division. It's a bold move considering how tech has become a star player in the world of sports and entertainment. Shift4, a major player in payment processing solutions, has acquired this division, signaling a shift in focus for both companies.

So why the breakup? The decision to sell this division was made due to SpotOn's desire to double down on its core restaurant technology offerings. By streamlining its operations, SpotOn aims to provide enhanced services and innovations to restaurants looking to improve their customer experience.

Technology Highlights in the Restaurant Ordering Space:

In recent years, restaurant ordering technology has undergone a remarkable transformation and the demand for contactless solutions and online ordering skyrocketed.

Companies like GoTab, Bite, Valyant AI, and Curbit have emerged as key players in the restaurant tech ecosystem. They have revolutionized the way restaurants interact with customers and manage their operations.


GoTab offers a robust mobile ordering and payment platform that allows customers to browse menus, place orders, and pay through their smartphones. This solution not only enhances convenience but also reduces the need for physical menus and contact between staff and guests.


Bite specializes in online ordering and delivery solutions, helping restaurants expand their reach and offer a seamless ordering experience to customers. Their platform is designed to boost sales and improve operational efficiency.

Valyant AI:

Valyant AI leverages artificial intelligence to provide conversational ordering and contactless payment solutions. Their chatbot technology enhances customer engagement and streamlines the ordering process.


Curbit focuses on curbside pickup and delivery management, making it easier for restaurants to fulfill orders efficiently. Their platform helps restaurants coordinate curbside pickups, optimizing the customer experience.

The sale of SpotOn's sports and entertainment division to Shift4 reflects the evolving landscape of restaurant technology. As the industry continues to evolve, we can expect to see more consolidation and specialization among technology providers.

By streamlining their operations, SpotOn can now focus on refining its core restaurant technology offerings, potentially bringing forth even more innovative solutions to the market. Meanwhile, Shift4's acquisition may open new avenues for integrated payment solutions within the restaurant industry.

As the industry continues to adapt to changing consumer preferences and operational challenges, the role of companies like GoTab, Bite, Valyant AI, and Curbit becomes increasingly crucial. These innovative tech solutions are helping restaurants thrive in a digital-first world, providing customers with the convenience they crave. As SpotOn and Shift4 make their respective moves, it's clear that the restaurant tech landscape will continue to evolve, offering exciting possibilities for the future.

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