Dec 15, 2023 3 min read

Beyond the Check: VCs Prepare for a Pivotal 2024

Venture Capitalists are ushering in 2024 with strategic shifts and a hands-on approach beyond traditional funding
Beyond the Check: VCs Prepare for a Pivotal 2024

In 2023, venture capital firms experienced a tumultuous ride, marked by significant events such as the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the challenging IPO market. Additionally, the M&A landscape has remained quiet and is set to close the year at its lowest annual level in a decade. Morale within the industry has noticeably dwindled in comparison to previous years but as we head into the new year a shift is on the horizon.

Despite the evident challenges that VCs and startups have experienced, many venture capitalists predict that 2024 will be one of the best "vintages" or years to invest in startups. Don't get me wrong, VCs won't be as giving as they once were as it relates to check sizes and their hands-off approach. However, while funding will remain tight and difficult to come by, VCs are prepared for more activity in the new year.

A Shift in the VC Landscape

The latter half of 2023 witnessed a significant transformation in the investment landscape, marked notably by a more engaged and collaborative approach from venture capitalists. Investors are now viewed not just as funders but as partners, mentors, and strategists, providing expertise in areas like marketing, technology, and operations.

At Branded, our commitment extends beyond financial investment; we strive to actively contribute to the success of our portfolio companies. Collaborating with industry experts, such as our partners at Results Thru Strategy, who will provide culinary, supply chain, and branding advising and consulting across operations, technology, marketing, and go-to-market strategy to Branded clients. This approach is part of our broader strategy to offer tailored solutions that empower our portfolio companies, including emerging restaurant brands and technology firms.

Our robust marketing and media platform, including podcasts, thought leadership in newsletters, and strategic events, serves as a valuable resource for educating the industry. Partnerships with industry leaders like Cargill, Nestle, and Ecolab underscore our commitment to not only back our portfolio companies but other strategics in the industry as well who are at the forefront of innovation.

While it's true that there's no one-size-fits-all for venture capitalists, each VC often brings a unique approach to the table. This hand-on approach is particularly beneficial for first time entrepreneurs navigating their way through the startup landscape. The wealth of expertise offered by VCs becomes a valuable asset for those finding their footing, and when it comes to good advice, there's no such thing as having too much.

A Successful Close - Startups revolutionizing the industry one funding round at a time

Despite the challenging climate, numerous early-stage companies have managed to secure successful funding rounds and are on a trajectory of sustained growth.

Incentivio for example landed $10M in funding to grow restaurant AI capabilities . The company, which said it grew 300% year-over-year, currently works with thousands of restaurants to consolidate their tech stacks, yield better guest insight and use guest data to improve the digital experience.

Brizo Data, another industry trailblazer secured $12M in Series A Funding. Brizo FoodMetrics takes all that data (from over one million foodservice establishments across the U.S. and Canada) and makes it digestible–capable of driving quick, high-quality restaurant and foodservice business intelligence. 

Humanly, now armed with a $12Million Series A funding round, plans to revolutionize the way you hire and connect with talent. They plan on scaling their product by investing in engineering to enhance their conversational AI capabilities, making the hiring journey even more seamless.

Gotab, a restaurant commerce platform designed to optimize experiences AND efficiencies, raised $18 million in a Series A round .

“We have been incredibly intentional with the solutions we develop for our customers, and this latest capital injection will help us further enhance our existing solutions, while also helping us continue to scale the business across sectors and geographies,” said CEO Tim McLaughlin, an engineer with significant entrepreneurial experience in e-commerce.

These success stories underscore the resilience and innovation within the startup ecosystem. While acknowledging the hurdles faced, the venture capital industry is poised for a dynamic shift in the approaching year

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