Jul 1, 2023 2 min read

MarginEdge Launches [me] finance

Modernizing restaurant finances and accounting through cutting-edge technology that's easy to swallow.
MarginEdge Launches [me] finance

We all have that one relative or friend who keeps every single receipt, stacking up folders and mounds of paper like it's a treasure trove. They're determined to never miss a chance to return something. But seriously, isn't there a better way to handle this madness? Lo and behold, email receipts came to the rescue. However, it turns out the struggle of tracking expenses wasn't limited to just customers.

Now, let's bring this conversation to the other side of the cash register, or should we say the Point of Sale? Accountants in the industry truly have their work cut out for them. Restaurants in particular have an insane volume of transactions happening every day, from ingredient purchases to vendor payments, it's enough to make your head spin. And don't get me started on the complex cost structures restaurants have to deal with. Anyone else have a full-time employee whose sole job is to manage charge-backs? Restaurants have expense categories for everything: food, beverages, labor, overhead, you name it. And let's not forget about the dreaded manual data entry—the arch-nemesis of every accountant's existence. Transcribing invoice details into spreadsheets is not only painfully time-consuming but also prone to human errors. Lastly, and this is everyone's favorite, audits. Yes, restaurants have to face those too. They must comply with all sorts of financial regulations, and having accurate and organized financial records is absolutely crucial. No pressure, right?

Alright, I'll stop there before I hit a sensitive spot for my accountant friends or scare off anyone who's considering a career change to accounting. Trust me, though, there are plenty of exciting aspects to accounting that don't involve battling mountains of receipts and unraveling complicated cost structures.

Despite the challenges and obstacles that I so graciously listed above, today I come baring good news and potentially even (as we say on the Hospitality Hangout podcast) breaking news! Branded partner MarginEdge just announced the launch of an innovative new finance tool, [me] finance, the only accounts payable automation solution built exclusively for restaurant accountants and bookkeepers. Here are some key benefits:

  • Automated Invoice Processing
  • Robust Financial Reporting
  • Back Office Efficiencies
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Automatic Vendor Credit Tracking
  • Multi-Unit Management
  • POS and Accounting Integrations

The new product is available exclusively to bookkeeping and accounting firms for a flat fee per month per restaurant client based on an annual subscription.

To learn more click here.

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