Jul 8, 2023 2 min read

VROMO Launches Partnership with Chowly

Vromo and Chowly are the secret ingredients to success in this fast-paced, delivery-driven world.
VROMO Launches Partnership with Chowly

Remember the dark ages of restaurant tech? The struggle of juggling multiple tablets and manually entering orders from different delivery platforms? You may also remember having zero transparency into your delivery drivers and therefore having to answer to multiple customer complaints. Branded's journey began with a few incredible investments, two of them being: Vromo, a game-changing delivery management software for restaurants, and Chowly, an all-in-one digital ordering platform. These remarkable companies shed light on these issues and continue to transform the industry, so it's absolutely fantastic to witness their collaboration as they join forces.

So, why did these two industry giants decide to join hands? Well, picture this: you're a restaurant owner with a booming delivery business. Orders are flooding in from various platforms, and you're struggling to keep up with the sheer volume and complexity of it all. Sounds like a culinary nightmare, doesn't it? Fear not, for Vromo and Chowly have come to your rescue!

Vromo's advanced technology, provides a comprehensive delivery management system that streamlines the entire process. From order assignment and tracking to driver dispatch and real-time updates, Vromo ensures a smooth delivery operation, leaving you free to focus on creating mouthwatering dishes.

On the other side of the partnership, Chowly possesses an impressive repertoire of order integrations. They seamlessly bridge the gap between your restaurant's point-of-sale (POS) system and third-party delivery apps. With Chowly's expertise, orders from these platforms flow effortlessly into your POS system, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing potential errors.

Now, imagine the magic that happens when Vromo's delivery management prowess meets Chowly's order integration. This dynamic duo creates a symphony of efficiency that will have your delivery operation firing on all cylinders. Orders are received, processed, assigned to drivers, and delivered to the customer's doorstep with unrivaled precision and speed.

The Vromo-Chowly partnership is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the restaurant industry. As technology continues to reshape the landscape, restaurateurs can leverage these innovative solutions to gain a competitive edge. By reducing operational headaches and enhancing customer satisfaction, Vromo and Chowly are the secret ingredients to success in this fast-paced, delivery-driven world.

Learn more about the partnership on FSR Magazine.

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